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I am sending you this letter to thank you for your Movin Goose Decoys. I have used them a number of times with great success. I was amazed on how well it attracted geese especially later in the season when the birds are very decoy shy. On one late season hunt we used 24 full body decoys and 4 of your moving head decoys and the results were amazing to say the lease. We were set up next to another hunter who had 150+ decoys and the birds would not even hesitate, they were just landing in our spread, they did not even circle. The birds that did look at his spread came and landed in ours. I could not believe it. It showed me that you do not need great numbers of decoys, but more realistic lifelike decoys.
Thanks Again
Randy Bartz  The Flagman


Your Movin Goose Decoys have been a great addition to my decoy spread. As a guide in Colorado keeping the customer happy is job 1. This customer could not believe how good your decoys worked. We had birds land next to your Movin Goose Decoys and would not take their eyes off of them. Your Movin Goose Decoys with their moving heads made the birds come right in with out circling around. I now cannot be without them in my spread. 
Thank You... John Philips


We just used your Movin Goose Decoys for the first time and had to send you this letter and picture. I took my son and his friend out and got our limit. I would never have thought your decoys work this good if I did not see it for my self. Before the birds would fly around look at our spread and leave, but not now, they fly by turn and land, WOW if I did not see it I would not of believed it. Thank you so much for showing the kids a good time.
Brian Connell


I am writing you to say that your moving goose heads are the best. This decoy with its moving head got these snow geese to land in our decoys. The snows landed rite next to the your moving goose decoy. This is why I am writing this letter to get more kits from you, If one decoy worked this good than six should be even better. I just want to say thanks for the fast delivery and a great product. We will send more photos next season and maybe you could put them on your site.
Bill Richards


We nicknamed the Moving Goose Decoy after a teacher we once had, he reminded us of him because he is always looking around, thats him out in the corn, about 15 yds from the rest of the flock, we have had birds land beside him and give him funny looks, we have had birds that have walked in to him from outside where he is located, all in all about 80% of the birds were shot right over him, they just seem to pick him out..... Fudd goose hunting in ND



Jeff from Vermont here first i would like to say the kits i got from you are great, killed 135 birds in 5 trips out in early season pic of best day 40 birds enclosed. Something i was thinking about, goosin is a sickness LOL.
Thanks Jeff, Vermont


My name is Jerry Wendt. 
 I just purchased three of your moving decoy heads. I guide out of southern Wisconsin. Love the heads!! Take a look at my Facebook page...Fire-n-Steel.


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