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Movement is a critical part of modern day goose hunting

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Self Contained Motorized Goose Decoy System

Movin Goose Decoys are totality self contained decoy with no wires to trip over in the field

Our Movin Goose Decoys come in various types and styles to choose from. The Movin Goose Decoy comes in either Sentry or Preener in the Bigfoot decoys and in the Green Head Gear Looker Sentry Decoy. The universal kit fits all kinds of decoys, can be used on Shells, Full bodies and Snow geese. Movin Goose Decoys with their moving goose heads have outstanding performance and reliability. We at Movin Goose Decoys stand by our products with a 2 year limited warranty.



Movin Goose Decoys with their moving heads will bring geese closer than ever before. Moving Goose Decoys will add real Life Like Motion. Movin goose decoys will add needed lifelike movement, and needed life to your decoy spread, Guides Choice. When Birds are close, Movin Goose Decoys, will get them to commit, come in, and land, 4 years of in the field testing, Reliable and 2year Warranty.
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